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Grimme mennesker dating

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Some say that why he had to hit all those home runs in the first place; it was so he could mosey along from plate to plate and not have to run.We don't know how small David was (yes, the one from the Bible.

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In fact, the only general rule about us is that we are all a big conundrum, a puzzle no one can fully piece together.The site aims to point out the fun in life and not to poke fun of people.So please don't email and yell at me for being cruel, because that's not what the site is about and it's certainly not what I am. Unconventional thinking could be pretty much unmapped but it doesn't mean it's a dead end or that it won't help solve a predicament.Humans have a natural although negative reaction to things that are not known but if we keep an open mind for creative thinking and keep an eye out for the unexpected, we are sure to find something special in everyone.Here's a list of some historical and practical examples and reasons why we should expect nothing except the most special behavior from each person.

How each one, although outwardly unconventional, is a wonder to humanity, how we are, from the dunce to the dork, the nerdy to the porky, the nutty to the pansy, all so beautiful to me.

What's important is the dedication and the value each one attaches to the work each one has to do.

Just look at some of the most successful countries like The United States or England.

No one ever thought humans would be able to fly faster than the speed of sound except one person did.

No one ever thought people would want to ride on things called "cars" and make travelling a lot easier except one person did.

Not very favorable odds for anyone, except Shaquille I guess but you know what they say: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The more kinds you have in your soup, the better it tastes.